Fall Prevention Exercises to Boost Independent Living at Home

Guest article provided by: sandiegohomecaregivers.com

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) shares that as many as one in four older adults experience a fall every year. Falls in seniors can be extremely debilitating, both physically and emotionally. After a fall, a senior may begin to limit activities and exercise, which leads to reduced mobility and eventually, a greater risk of another fall. Someone who had been living independently at home may need to consider skilled nursing home placement after a fall, something the majority of older adults want to avoid.

How Can Seniors Prevent a Fall and Maintain Independent Living at Home? 

There are several fall prevention exercises older adults can do on a regular basis to build muscle strength and improve balance. This will help lower the risk of a fall, while giving the person more confidence and overall wellness. First check with the doctor for approval, and then give these simple fall prevention exercises a try:

  • Flex/Point: From a seated position, point the toes and then flex them. Repeat with both feet.
  • Leg Lifts: While holding onto a chair or other sturdy object, lift the knee as high as your hip (or as high as possible). Hold the leg up for at least three seconds and repeat with the other leg.
  • Toe Taps: While seated in a chair, with feet placed flat on the floor, simply tap the toes, repeating with alternating feet.
  • Shin Muscle Strengthening: Stand up and lean against a wall, with the heels 7 – 8” away from the wall. Raise the toes of both feet off the floor as high as possible.
  • Calf Muscle Strengthening: While standing and holding onto a chair, wall, or counter for support, repeatedly raise up and down on tiptoes. As strength increases, try to raise higher up on the toes and then try the exercise using just one foot at a time.
  • Sit-to-Stand: From a seated position, while holding onto the chair for support, stand up, and then sit back down. Try to slowly decrease reliance on the chair as the legs become stronger.
  • One-Legged Stand: While standing and holding onto a chair or other sturdy object, raise one leg off the floor and balance on the standing leg.

How Home Care Can Help 

A professional home care provider, like San Diego Home Caregivers, can help prevent a devastating fall for older adults in a variety of ways, while boosting independence and the freedom to continue living at home for a lifetime.

Just a few of the many ways in-home care can help:

  • Fall risk assessments and recommendations to reduce fall risk
  • Help with housekeeping to keep floors clean and dry, and to ensure walking paths are clear
  • Support for safe baths, showers, and other personal care needs
  • Mobility assistance for walking and transfers
  • And much more

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